About X Zone Lures Products

X Zone Lures were specially designed to behave like lake forage, attracting fish quickly and easily to their shape and movement in the water.

X Zone Lures – Filling a Need in the Fishing Industry

It is the goal of X Zone Lures to offer leading edge soft plastic baits made of the highest quality at a reasonable price that simply out perform the competition. We believe this brings the ultimate in value to our customers. We strive each and everyday to bring value, success and enjoyment to you, the angler, in every product we make. 

Our goals are achieved through the use of the very best ingredients and using no cheaper fillers which give our baits bright vibrant colors that have a consistent and natural movement. Pro inspired designs and real life testing are at the core of each design we make and bring to the market.

From pros to leisure fishermen throughout North America, the fishing industry loves X Zone Lures!

With X Zone Lures, fishermen all over North America can fill out their tackle boxes with lures that look and behave just like the forage in their lakes. That means better results, and bigger fish, faster.

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