Chasing bass on Candlewood Lake with X Zone Pro Staff Dan Monroe

Posted Jul 20th, 2016

Chasing bass on Candlewood Lake with X Zone Pro Staff Dan Monroe

With summer in full swing, the traffic can be chaotic on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut, where our X Zone Pro Staff, Dan Monroe fishes most of his bass tournaments.  With a large volume of summer cottagers and vacationers, the lake gets a lot of boats, jet skis and traffic which makes a serene fishing experience more difficult.

X Zone Lures is proud to add Dan Monroe to the Pro Staff team this season. 

Dan learnt how to fish at a young age from his Mom and his Uncle who was a member of the Wallingford Bassmasters at the time which is part of the Connecticut Bass Nation. Although his Uncle passed away before Dan was 5 yrs old, his Mom continued to take him fishing along with his brother on the weekends. Dan loved fishing and built a passion for it over the years.  He wasyoung when he started tournament angling and a friend got him in touch with Connecticut Bass Nation of which he joined.  He learnt a lot as a co-angler and self taught himself new techniques that he learnt from his angler's that he was partnered with. 

As Dan explains "some boater's can not stand co-anglers but for myself I was always fortunate to have great partners and learnt new techniques along the way". 

While Dan dreams of becoming a full time Pro Angler some day, he made sure to get a full time job. At a time when he could have purchased his own boat, Dan focused on purchasing his first home instead.  He does work full time in the fishing industry and is kept busy at supplying many anglers throughout the East Coast with fishing tackle.  He is currently focusing on trying to qualify as a top finisher in the Connecticut Bass Nation and advancing in his standings overall. 

Dan's advise to those looking to getting into fishing is that ethic is definitely an important factor in fishing,  You need to be respectful of those that can provide you valuable knowledge.  He says to make sure that you have etiquette while on the water and have fun.  "Once you take the fun out of fishing, it can be a waste of time".

When Dan is not on the water competing he is also helping with the tournament committee spending time volunteering for the events that his club puts on throughout the season.