Canadian X Zone Pro Staff Barry Clayton discusses the Renegade Bass Series

Posted Oct 17th, 2016

Canadian X Zone Pro Staff Barry Clayton discusses the Renegade Bass Series

We got the opportunity to ask some questions from our Canadian X Zone Pro Staff Barry Clayton about his passion for fishing and the Renegade Bass Tournament Trail.

Q – How did you get in to fishing? Who taught you?

 A – I was brought up around water, and I always had a family cottage.  I started fishing at the age of four with my father. I was fishing solo out of a canoe by the age of six and I spent many mornings and evenings anchored off the pencil reeds and pads just outside the cottage targeting both large and smallmouth bass.

Q – What are you favourite fishing techniques?

 A – Wow favorite techniques… so many.

            #1 – Drop shot… Love deep water smallies

            #2 - Topwater… Love the rush of a giant crushing the bait on a calm morning.

            #3 – Spinnerbaits… Can be fished anywhere and anyway deep/shallow, fast/slow.

            #4 – Jerkbait… Once you get the cadance right it can be killer.

             #5 – tubes… Love these on Lake Erie and the St Lawrence river.


Q – When did you decide to get into tournament angling?  Why Renegade Bass?

A – I have to thank my brother in-law Scott Dean, a very successful bass pro out of Terrell Texas. Scott came to Canada on Vacation in 2007 with his wife Karen and a new Triton TR21X. After spending two weeks straight on the water with him I knew I was hooked and also needed one of those boats !!!! My first bass boat purchase came in May of 2008… it was a 2004 Triton TR196, my first tournament was in June of that year with the CBAF (Canadian Bass Anglers Association), Since that fishing experience and boat I’ve never looked back and upgrading twice since then to what I run now a 2015 Triton 21TRX.

Why Renegade?  Because as my partner Steve Neveu and I see it if you don’t put yourself up against the best anglers then your not really going to know where you stand as a tournament fisherman. Renegade Bass is by far the top tournament series in Canada, well organized, 100% paybacks, great camaraderie, some of Canada’s best fisherman and some of the best waters to fish… LOL… did I mention I love fishing the St Lawrence River.

Q – What were your results from this season?  What are your plans for 2017?

A – This being my/our third year with Renegade Bass I’m very happy to say I/we fished to a respectable 11th place overall this season. Next year I/we will be back on the Renagade circuit trying to break into the top ten as well as fishing the Thousand Islands open, a couple of charity events and the Skeeter Bass Champs Fishing for Freedom(take a soldier fishing) tournament.



Q – Any advice for new anglers thinking about getting into tournaments?

A – I would encourage new anglers young and old to join federations like the CBAF or OBN to start. They will learn tons from the more experienced anglers and guest speaker at their club meetings. It’s an economical way and a great stepping-stone into tournament fishing,