Newest Edition to the X Zone Lures product line X Tubes

Posted Jan 23rd, 2017

Newest Edition to the X Zone Lures product line X Tubes

With the success of the reintroduction of both the Slammer and Swammer X Zone true hand poured lures, the latest product to hit the retailer's shelves is the X-Tube under the X Zone Pro Series.

 By using some of the same hand crafted techniques, the X tube was created to offer the consumer a complete solution and the finishing touch on this tube includes hand dipping.

 If your favorite fishing lure is #309 you can now fish that lure either by the slammer -drop shot, swammer -swim bait and now the X-Tube -tube fishing.

Truly one of the most versatile of all soft plastic designs, tubes continue to catch bass from the surface to the bottom in shallow and deep water year round. An individual angler's amount of creativity is the only limitation when it comes to rigging and fishing tubes. 

The most basic rigging method involves inserting a jig head into the hollow body of a tube and since the tube is non scented, you can use any of your favorite liquid scents applied to the jig to help lubricate it in order for the jig to slide better onto the tube. This method is commonly used when fishing the smaller, 3-inch tubes on spinning tackle. With the jig head tucked inside the tube, this rig works great as a finesse lure in clear water. It also skips exceptionally well, making it a good choice for fishing boat docks and shorelines with overhanging vegetation. The action of a tube can be greatly affected by the position of the jig head inside the body. With the jig head pushed all the way forward, tubes tend to fall faster with less spiral. To slow the fall and increase the amount of spiral, position the jig head back from the "nose" of the tube.

X Zone Lures now offers terminal tackle to complete the purchase for rigging up the lures.  Equipped with a Mustad black nickel hook, the jig heads are offered in both 60 and 90 degree and have one of the sharpest hooks in the market.  Various different weight sizes are available and if you want to add some action try the rattle head jigs.

While tubes appeal greatly to largemouth bass, they may be even more preferred by smallmouth and spotted bass. Virtually all smallmouth enthusiasts consider tubes to be a primary lure in their tackle box.  Try pre-rigging a few of these tubes and have them handy in your tackle box ready for those tournament days or times when you want to try a different technique.

The X-Tube by X Zone Lures is a fan favorite to Smallmouth and Largemouth anglers alike. Just under four inches in overall length the X-Tube features a super soft yet durable body and is offered in several proven colors perfect for matching any conditions and locations. Loaded with salt and offered in the perfect size; the X-Tube is a winner.

Written by Shelley Langley (the opinions and expressions are that of the author's)