Hitting the ice? Take some X Zone Lures along for the trip

Posted Feb 15th, 2017

Hitting the ice?  Take some X Zone Lures along for the trip

With the cold temperatures here in the North finally settled in, the ice conditions have been favorable for anglers to get out and try their luck at catching fish on hard water.

If you are heading out for a day of ice fishing bring along the X Zone Swammer as it features a 100% true hand-poured composition, which provides a soft, salt-impregnated texture and amazing hatch matching colors to meet any situation or condition. 

When out on the ice, try to maximize the amount of daylight reaching the type of fish that you are targeting.  For instance crappie, perch, pike and whitefish are most active in the middle of the day.  With the ice and snow, the light conditions are similiar to conditions during open water season on overcast days,when most fish species feed more actively and aggressively.  Keeping that in mind, the X Zone Swammer can be used as a bait for when fish are aggressive during this time.  Since the X Zone Lures closely resemble cisco, shad, smelt, minnows and other bait fish, crappie, perch, pike and whitefish anglers will enjoy the success at catching these species on a sunny day. Visit our store on the website to chose the colors best suited to match your bait fish.

Looking for some Lake trout or larger whitefish?, the X Zone Swammer, Mini Swammer, Mega Swammer might be the bait that these larger fish are seeking.  Some techniques to use while fishing with the X Zone Lures for aggressive fish is to rip jig as the thumping tail portrays panic with each dart and drop.  Also, the yo-yoing technique is popular in which you drop the Swammer to the target depth, jig it 5-8 times then reel it up at a steady pace and drop it again on a controlled taunt line. If you have a sonar or flasher and see the fish following the bait, do not stop doing what you have done to get it to follow but get ready for it to strike and to start reeling.

The X Zone Lures Mini Swammer can also be used for targeting whitefish by banging the Mini Swammer in place stirring up the bottom and then deadsticking the bait.  If the conditions are tough, fish the Swammers as slow as possibel ang get the tail action needed for an easy looking meal flash to your presentation.  Since Lakers swim throughout the water column, jig near the bottom but suspended and every few minutes jig up from your depth to shallower water and then let the jig gently fall back down to the bottom.  This will draw the attention for the Lakers lurking near by.

Always be safe on the ice and fish with a buddy! 

Written by Shelley Langley (the opinions and expressions are that of the author's) PC @TeamCSFA