Fishing with swimbaits... Why the X Zone Swammer is so much fun to throw

Posted Mar 15th, 2017

Fishing with swimbaits... Why the X Zone Swammer is so much fun to throw

As I call many of our retailers across the States, the most common type of lure to be used in the majority of lakes, reservoirs and rivers are swimbaits. With each angler and each area having their own proven colors, X Zone Lures has a great selection to chose from. 

X Zone Swammers or swimbaits are a lure that's characterized by a lifelike action and a lifelike appearance, a lure that puts bass in the boat because the fish believe it's the real thing.

The bait color is also affected by water color. Bait colors don't look the same in clear, slightly stained and muddy water and they take on a different appearance. So for instance in clear waters, you might want to try some more realistic colors such as the greens or grey but you will need bright colors for stained or muddy water.  The bait lure must look like what's in the lake given the current water conditions and with so many X Zone colors to chose from you will find a great match. 

The swimbait size should be considered and the Mini Swammer 3.5", Swammer 4" look much different in presentation to the fish than the Mega Swammer 5.5".  Many think that the bigger the bait the bigger the fish and for most cases this is true but in finicky situations the smaller bait might be on the menu. The Mega Swammer is a blast to make long casts due to it's bulk and weight. 

How to rig your Swammers

The most popular way to rig a swimbait is to use a swimbait head, and rig the X Zone Swammer straight on to the head.  Swimbait heads come in a variety of weights so chose according to the depth that you wish to fish.

You can also try a belly weighted screw hook, offered in a variety of weights and this can be used for shallow water.  You want to put the screw into the nose of the Swammer and then turn the bait and place the hook through the body leaving only a bit of the hook exposed.  This creates a great life like action with the hand poured Swammers and allows the bait to be used in conditions where there is deep grass lines.  

For some of us chasing smallmouth bass in deeper water, the football jig is the preferred way to rig the Swammer.  Depending on depth and conditions a 3/8 ounce football jig is used on the original 4" Swammer or Mega Swammer used along with a dab of Crazy glue at the nose allows the bait to be secured, measure the length back and insert the hook, with it slightly exposed .  This type of presentation can used along deep water structure.  

The Swammers can also be used with a bladed swim jig, by removing some of the X Zone Swammer head and inserting it onto the hook with the paddle tail up so that the bait and blade provide the best action in the water.  This trailer can be used in areas that are known for bait fish and with the match the hatch on X Zone colors you can rig it with the colors that you want to emulate. 

As you start getting your tackle box ready for this season, be sure to pick up some X Zone Swammers and try them on our lake this season.  


(Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's.  PC Josh Hedden, Stephen Perry)