Anglers love to throw craws but let's look at the X Zone Slammer Craw and what makes it so unique

Posted Mar 22nd, 2017

Anglers love to throw craws but let's look at the X Zone Slammer Craw and what makes it so unique

When the fish are not biting on the bigger baits, and you know that crawfish is in their diet, the profile of the Slammer Craw might be what is on the menu for the day.

It's times like this that the X Zone Slammer Craw is the perfect presentation to entice the fish.  

The X Zone Slammer Craw is a hand-poured super-soft plastic bait that offers great natural movement in the water.

This unique craw is double poured, meaning that the body has salt impregnated while the claws do not.  This allows the paddles of the lure to float which mimics the defensive position of a craw at rest, which dare the bass to strike. This supple lure is exactly what the bass prefer at times when their appetite might want something smaller or different.

A few different ways to rig the X Zone Slammer Craw is as a jig trailer, on a drop shot, buzz bait trailer and many other techniques.

Incredibly soft, the Xzone Lures Slammer Craw’s hand-poured construction offers an incredibly natural movement, which is key in duplicating the subtleties of a crawfish.

With several various colors available, choose your X Zone Slammer to match the crawfish at that time of season.

With a wide range of colors, you are best to choose the color that best matches the conditions and according to the water clarity.  In the spring, crawfish have a tendency to be pumpkin green or watermelon in color and the sprayed grass or green pumpkins would be a great Slammer Craw to choose from. 

As the water starts to get warmer, the crawfish change in color and start to become orange, red and black, purple and blue and you can try these colors even in clear water. 

The X Zone Slammer Craw can be rigged with a jig and used as a trailer which is an effective way to catch those fish and the most effective is a football jig.  The trailer can match the skirting on the jig or you can throw a completely different presentation and offer a green pumpkin on a black and blue jig and feel comfortable to throw that in any conditions. 

With the profile of the X Zone Slammer Craw, the drop shot technique offers something different if you are fishing along ledges or weed lines. The weight keeps the craw in an upright position and makes it appear to glide across the water with the paddles providing great action.  

Whether you are going out for a day of pitching, flipping or drop shot, be sure to pack several colors of the X Zone Slammer Craws to give them a try this season. 

Article written by Shelley Langley, all expressions and opinions are that of the author's.