When to throw a leech? A look at the X Zone Lures Pro Leeches

Posted Apr 12th, 2017

When to throw a leech?  A look at the X Zone Lures Pro Leeches

Growing up, my parents had a cottage up north located on water.  There was a main lodge and a small store with bait and tackle where the anglers would meet each morning and evening and purchase their baits.  On my first trip into the store I clearly remember being a bit freaked out when I learnt that the main choice of bait on the Magnetawan River was live leeches.  

To say that I am not fond of live leeches is an understatement but luckily X Zone Lures has a hand poured Pro Leech that looks and acts just like the real bait.

Let's take a look at what makes leeches so unique and when to use them as bait.

Leeches are unique and they differ from other prey and understanding the leech will change how and when you fish leech imitations to target opportunistic feeding fish.   They vary in their size and shape and when threatened they will often rapidly curl into a ball.  It is this action that you can replicate by halting and retrieving the lure,which will allow it to fall and fold in a similar action.  The leech needs to be suspended close to the bottom and with each motion the silt will be stirred which will attract the fish.

Unlike baitfish, leeches swim by elongating and contracting their bodies, and they are not very fast.  They also use a stream's current to move from one place to another and often emerge from under sheltering rocks.  

Wondering what color of leech to throw on a day of fishing?

The colors of the leeches vary including olive, black, brown tan or grey.  X Zone Lures has 7 different colors to choose from and the color of the leeches in your particular body of water that you are fishing depends on conditions such as clarity, stream bed color.

The best way to select a color is to check under some rocks near shore for some live leeches.  If you are unable to find any live bait in the water, be sure to stop into your local bait and tackle shop and ask a seasoned angler, then take some X Zone Pro Leeches out and the walleye and bass will surely hit the lure. 

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's