Time to target panfish with the X Zone Shiver Shad

Posted Apr 19th, 2017

Time to target panfish with the X Zone Shiver Shad

If you are waiting for the bass season to open in your area, a great way to hit the water and have some fun is to go fishing for panfish.  

The X Zone Shiver Shad is a great true hand poured lure that will attract the panfish.

Panfish include crappie and they are a schooling fish and will also school with other types of pan fish. They prefer underwater structures like fallen trees, weed beds and other structures that might be submerged. Generally during the day crappie tend to stay deep under water and only move to shore when feeding, mostly at dawn or dusk. However, during their spawning period they can be found in shallow water in large concentrations. 

By rigging the lure on a drop shot or a jig head, the X Zone Shiver Shad can emulate a schooling bait fish.

Once the spawning urge subsides, panfish will move to the first major structure drop-off. Some structure-holding crappies are in only 8 feet of water; other spots may have fish down to 25 feet.  The crappie have an appetite after spawning and position themselves near large shad schools, on which they feed.   By using either a drop shot or jig head, the X Zone Shiver Shad will attract the panfish making them believe it is a shad or minnow with it's lifelike action.

What makes the X Zone Shiver Shad unique?

The X Zone Shiver shad is a true hand poured lure and the traditional process of hand pouring baits is very time consuming.  However, the end result is that you are left with an amazing lure that is very soft and has great colors throughout the lure.  These hand poured Shiver Shads are the ticket if you are targeting panfish as these salt impregnated lures look like minnows.  

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's