It's Pike Time! Taking at look at what X Zone Lure's work best on catching some pike

Posted May 11th, 2017

It's Pike Time! Taking at look at what X Zone Lure's work best on catching some pike

The month of May is definitely the time to target pike in northern United States and southern Canada.  After spawning, these predators, look for panfish and baitfish to feed their hunger.   With not many weeds for them to hide in, these northern pike are easier to target in the spring.  

It's pike time and that means bringing out some serious gear including the X Zone Lures Swammers and Mega Swammers to target these northern pike. 

To locate pike, the best place to check is the outflows of creeks, streams and rivers or tributaries, where the moving water creates rich, fertile deltas.   It is in these areas where the largest inflows create lush weeds and perfect conditions for the pike.

Pike spawn in these rich habitats and these same areas also attract many walleye, bass and panfish which provides a feeding ground.  These aggressive predators, fresh from spawning will cruise around in these areas waiting to make a strike.

As a result, pike fishing is great in the spring when the water is still cool but as it warms up the pike will vanish to deeper waters. Take advantage of the season while you can and head out for a day to target these species.

If you are wondering what X Zone lure to take along for the day, consider picking up some soft hand poured X Zone Swammers from your local bait and tackle store or online retailer.

Rig the X Zone Swammer with a weighted swim bait hook and when on the water, swim it with a steady retrieve, and let it fall to the bottom and snap it back up.  Try a combination of slowly accelerating it all the way back, and then a soft fall until you find out what the pike prefer. 

The lifelike action of the X Zone Mega Swammer should be a great place to start in order to target those larger pike that are looking to satisfy their appetite.

With an abundance of colors to chose from, try to determine what type of bait fish might be in the area to correctly match the color accordingly.

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's. PC Exist to Fish