Spring smallmouth bass fishing with X Zone Lures in US waters

Posted May 24th, 2017

Spring smallmouth bass fishing with X Zone Lures in US waters

For those anglers lucky enough to be able to fish in US waters, spring small mouth bass fishing can produce some great sized fish.  If you are from Canada, you can not fish for bass at all until the 3rd or 4th week in June depending on your zone that you are located in.  For those in the Northern States, it is catch and release only until the season opens and for any tournament angler, chances are that you are used to preserving the fisheries so you are comfortable with this type of fishing.

X Zone Lures Pro Staff Brad Ballew has been out hammering the bass this spring in US water.

Brad Ballew, X Zone Pro Staff has been out spring fishing for smallmouth bass in the lake St. Clair and he indicated that a cold front recently came through while spring fishing and the normal spring bite on for jerkbaits and reaction baits shut down. Brad says he thought the fish were done and fished for 4 hours with only one fish.  He decided to switch to the X Zone Slammer and was dead-sticking it and landed 6 fish in 20 mins before he had plans of getting off the water. 

Smallmouth bass will hole up in deep water with a soft bottom during the winter months in both rivers and lakes.  In early spring, you will find the fish in these sames spots before the water warms up.  Stuck to the bottom literally, they are difficult to mark on your electronics and it is not uncommon for a fish caught at this time to be covered in mud and to be a light brown color. 

The fish are lethargic in early spring so choosing a bait that will reach the depths of the bottom are key.  Using an X Zone Swammer rigged on a football jig or an X-tube will ensure that the lure gets down far enough and jigging it to kick up the mud will grab their attention.

Soft-­plastic tubes work well in this situation and X Zone Original hand poured lures are the ticket.  Long drifts over a prime location , dragging your lure on the bottom will work best. 

Once spawning and pre spawn conditions occur, switch your presentation to a drop-shot rigs.  This technique on a soft hand poured lure such as the Slammer will allow you to jig the lure and keep in in place for a long period of time as it might take a bit to get the fish to commit.  Since bedded fish eat out of aggression instead of hunger, chose a color that you can see in clear water and will attract the fish's attention. 

Written by Shelley Langley, the opinions and expressions are that of the author's