NEW X Zone Lures website is up and features 3 NEW X Zone Lure product lines

Posted Jun 15th, 2017

NEW X Zone Lures website is up and features 3 NEW X Zone Lure product lines

The fishing season is heating up and so are the new products from X Zone Lures.  With the new website launched and our retailers stocking their shelves, the new X Zone lures are now available in time for the fishing season. 

X Zone Lures now offers, X Zone Lures Original Classic hand poured lures, X Zone Pro Series and X Zone Crappie/ Panfish Series. 

After a successful year taking X Zone Lures back to the original hand poured lures as it was in the beginning, VRX Fishing has taken lots of time and investment into expanding the product line.  Anglers now have a wide assortment of lures to choose from depending on the water clarity, water temperature and conditions.  

Designed by tournament anglers, the product line of X Zone Lures offers baits for many species of fish including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, pike, musky,perch, crappie, panfish and even stripers. 

Working with X Zone Pro Bass Elite Brandon Lester, VRX Fishing has created some unique lures with amazing color selections that will surely please both the recreational and tournament angler.

Under the NEW X  Zone Pro Series some of the new lures include the Muscle Back Craw, the Punisher Punch Craw, the True Center Stick, and X-Tubes.  With unique features such as super fine salt and scent infused formulas, these lures are going to help you achieve a hook set this season. 

For a limited time, X Zone True Center Sticks are available in an 8+2 pack allowing for 25% more in each bag.  These 5 1/8" sticks also have the exclusive Wacky Zone on each package helping the angler for a truly centered stick each time for wacky rigging. 

Be sure to visit your local retailer or online retailer to purchase the new X Zone Lures Pro Series, X Zone Crappie/ Panfish Series or the X Zone Classic Hand Pour Lures.