The NEW X Zone True Stick when you want it wacky

Posted Jul 20th, 2017

The NEW X Zone True Stick when you want it wacky

One of the best ways to find the big largemouth bass when the summer heat is on is to look for them in covered areas such as low lying branches or under docks.

X Zone Lures NEW True Sticks have the right combination of salt impregnation and perfect weight to flip some docks wacky style.

The X Zone Lures NEW True Center Stick has the unique marked “WACKY ZONE” area which is in the true center of our stick which allows for perfectly balanced wacky rigging.  Combine this with The Rod Glove Wacky tool which keeps your O rings readily available, you will be able to rig your wacky senko quickly on the water.

A fun way to fish is to rig a senko wacky style.  By placing your X Zone True Stick into the Rod Glove Wacky tool, you can simply slide on an O' ring onto senko and then insert your weedless wacky hook through the O' ring.  The extra weight of plastic in the center of the senko allows for a great fall rate.  Simply cast your wacky senko towards your desired target and wait for it to sink a few seconds before retrieving.  The bass should typically strike on the fall of the senko so don't be afraid to make several casts. 

Once you get the hang of it, you can try skipping your senko under docks and cover to find the big largemouth bass.

The raised ribbed body design allows more vibration creating a very subtle life-like action that even highly pressured fish can't resist. 

The X Zone True Center Stick can also be used for Texas-rigging as the length is 5 1⁄8 inches long. Wacky rig it, pitch it into heavy cover or throw it weightless.  Available in a variety of colors for your water clarity, these NEW X Zone True Sticks will be a great lure to throw wacky style.  If you fish for tournaments or recreation, be sure to add these to your tackle box and for a day out on the water.

For a limited time, you get 25% more in your bag as all True Sticks are 8 +2 allowing you 10 senkos per bag.