X Zone Lures was a proven winner at the Huk Bassmaster Elite on St. Lawrence River

Posted Aug 17th, 2017 in pro

X Zone Lures was a proven winner at the Huk Bassmaster Elite on St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence was the place for Kevin VanDam to catch his five bass weighing 23 pounds, 12 ounces to win the B.A.S.S. Elite tournament just recently in July.

X Zone Lures was there and was featured as one of the Top Lures of the St. Lawrence by B.A.S.S

Although Kevin VanDam walked away with the total four-day catch of 90.3 pounds, one of the highest ever recorded weights by an Elite Series angler for smallmouth bass, there were other great weigh-ins on the St. Lawrence event.

Brandon Coulter was able to maintain his position within the top 10 competitors and even though the wind and current were factors, he managed to secure a 9th place for the final third day using a finesse approach to call the smallmouth bass. Although Coulter is a southern angler by origin, he has a comfort level fishing north and spent his time fishing new water and making sure that his boat was positioned correctly to drift over the fish at the right time.

“You need to be good with your drifts because I don’t think they’re swimming that far to get the bait,” he said during day 2 of his tournament.  

Brandon had great success with the X Zone true hand poured Slammer, and along with the action and round goby like appearance, and color he was able to get the larger smallmouth bass into the live well to secure his finish on day 3.  

Brandon rigged an X Zone Slammer onto a 1/0 Mustad Double wide KVD Drop shot hook alternating between 1/2 to 3/8 ounce weights. 

Check out this video showing Coulter catching on day 3.


Written by Shelley Langley, PC/VC B.A.S.S./Bassmaster.com, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's