X Zone Lures NEW Product Alert

Posted Sep 19th, 2017

X Zone Lures NEW Product Alert

Who doesn't get excited for new fishing lures and X Zone Lures is back at it again with three new products that were just launched.

X Zone Lures has created, designed and launched three new lures for bass fishing including the MB Finesse Worm, the Whiplash Shad and the Rebel Chunk.

X Zone 6 " Finesse Worm

NEW this season is the X Zone 6" MB Fat Finesse Worm which floats. Once the Fat Finesse worm hits the bottom the tail will stand straight up.  This premium high quality lure is softer and higher quality than other brands on the market.  Water clarity is a determining factor when rigging the technique for this lure.  If the water is clear, try drop shotting the finesse worm, if the water is murky, try using this on a wacky or texas rigged with a tungsten weight.  The action with a Texas-rigged should be a lift-and-drop retrieve to cover water.  While using a shaky head worm, retrieve features a pull-and-shake presentation while keeping constant contact with the bottom. If you are going to drop shot the Finesse Worm, drag the drop shot rig along the bottom.  This will allow the weight to drag along the bottom and the worm will have its subtle actions.


X Zone 6" Whiplash Shad

The NEW X Zone 6" Whiplash Shad offers a soft plastic that has plenty of action for those warmer conditions when the bass might be looking for a meal of realistic looking shad. A great way to retrieve this lure to to cast and make little pops as it travels along the bottom it will mimic bait fish.  The long soft tail will create a seductive quiver as it fails to the bottom so be ready for a fish to strike.  This lure can be used as a jerk bait with the same actions and with over 7 colors to chose from, you can match your conditions.

X Zone Rebel Chunk 

Thinking of throwing a jig?  Why not tie on a NEW X Zone Rebel Chunk?  The X Zone Rebel Chunk has soft, realistic, textured claws are ribbed on both sides and the outer edges having specially cupped pincher's that taper down to join the body. This unique design along with the super fine salt and scent infused formula used to make the Rebel Chunk allows the claws to float.  This defensive stance of a real crayfish along with the vibration attract the bass.