Hitting some saltwater? Take some X Zone Lures MEGA Swammers along

Posted Oct 4th, 2017 in pro

Hitting some saltwater?  Take some X Zone Lures MEGA Swammers along

If you are a saltwater fisherman, you know that the fish are after a good sized bait fish and our X Zone MEGA Swammer 5.5" Classic Hand Pour swimbait makes a great presentation for those hungry snook, redfish or striper bass.

X Zone Lures MEGA Swammer is one of the original classic hand poured lures and is making waves in saltwater angling.  

The X Zone Lures brand made it's debut in the freshwater bass industry but it has been making a strong presence lately in the saltwater fishing industry. The soft plastic bait which features a paddle tail and sits 5.5" in length providing great action for either red fish or snook.

For saltwater fishing the predatory fish focus on baitfish and a plastic swimbait is an effective bait. The swimbait offers flexibility in being able to fish throughout the column and you can work it in a specific depth.  The action of the hand pour lure and it's length emulates the baitfish. You can work the bait either fast, or slow depending on your retrieve. 

The X Zone MEGA Swimbaits can be fished from the beach, over shallow or deep flats, and along jetty rocks.  They can be rigged with single hooks and this presentation provides less snag on the bottom than other baits. 

With many colours to chose from the key feature of a swimbait might be its lifelike appearance.  Anglers on many coasts have had success catching red fish, snook and striper bass. 

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's.