Fall Fishing is on fire with X Zone Lures

Posted Nov 2nd, 2017

Fall Fishing is on fire with X Zone Lures

As the season changes and the leaves start to turn, the temperatures cool, and the fish start to once again gain an appetite. 

X Zone Lures has been catching some great fall fish for both tournament and recreational anglers.

Finesse fishing is a great way to catch some bass in the fall season and drop-shot is a sure way to provide the presentation that is needed on tough days.  Using the X Zone Lures Classic hand pour Slammer works great and lately has the been one of the go to bait for fall bass.  In the Northern hemisphere, reasonably warm conditions have kept the fish fairly shallow for this time of year and most angler's are catching the bass on the drop shot.

With some vertical jigging or some quick jerk actions, the X Zone Slammer will mimic the bait fish that the bass are currently seeking at this time of year. 

The drop shot technique was originally designed to present a lure off the bottom for suspended fish.  The X Zone Lures Slammer is the perfect lure providing the action that the fall bass are seeking as they have an appetite to prepare for the winter.  The drop shot is set up with a No. 2 to 1/0 hook attached to a main line with a palomar knot on the 6- to 8-pound-test.  When you tie on your hook using the palomar, take your line and go back through the hole of the hook and your lure will be straight.  Use a weight attached anywhere from 6 to 12 inches with either a tungsten round weight or X Zone Lures pencil or round lead weight.  

Another great X Zone Lure is the new Pro Series MB Fat Finesse Worm 6". 

All bass love worms and even in areas where spotted bass may be the target, this presentation might be more of what the fish are seeking as they fill their appetite.  You can texas rig and throw it around cover, such as stumps, and weeds by using an offset hook and bullet weight. 

A football shakey head presentation will allow the lure to stick standing straight up and  you can use this carolina rig or put it on a shakey head.   If you are just starting out fishing, this worm is soft and will get the big fish on your line.  

Be sure to get out for some fall fishing, and catch some big ones with X Zone Lures!

X Zone Lures MB Fat Finesse Worm 6"

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's

PC: Blake Rankie/ Chad Mattscheck