Working your dreams in Minnesota, bass fishing with X Zone Lures Pro Staff Chizta Xiong

Posted Nov 17th, 2017

Working your dreams in Minnesota, bass fishing with X Zone Lures Pro Staff Chizta Xiong

For any young angler that has grown up wanting to become a professional angler, plenty of hard work and determination are required to make this dream become a reality. 

X Zone Lures Pro Staff Chizta Xiong is working his dream of becoming a Pro Angler.

Chizta has had great success this season with X Zone Lures and we recently caught up with him to get his story and to find out what he is doing to make his dreams come true.

When and how did you get into fishing?

I got into fishing from my brothers. The best family story of our child hood was when we were all going fishing and I was about 2 years old. We drove all the way to this far lake I can’t remember the name but as soon as we got there I was so excited to go fishing that when the van door opened I ran straight out and jumped into the water. My parents running shouting my name knew I didn’t know how to swim and noticed that my diaper was holding afloat. Ever since then they knew and I knew I loved the water and fishing.

 At what point did you decide to do tournaments?

I decided to start fishing tournaments right around the age of 17 going into 18. I wanted to compete while I was in high school and would always ask my teachers if there was ever a chance I could make it as a tournament angler.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to have a high school bass club so I couldn’t compete until I graduated from high school. I started out as a “Co-angler” and fished as one for about 3 years before buying my own boat and competing on the “Pro” side of tournaments.
What were your highlights from this season?

 My highlights would have to be winning the AOY in my club. I have fished with Stellar bassmaster since the beginning of my tournament career and when they decided to host an AOY platform for the season I worked extra hard to obtain it.
 What are your plans for the 2018 season?

I just enrolled into St. Cloud State University and will be fishing in the bass club at the college level so that is my plan for 2018. I cannot wait to travel the country and fish some of the best fisheries.  My goal in the fishing industry is to make it to the elite level and compete against the best of the best. 


Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's.