What tackle is on your wish list this holiday season?

Posted Dec 19th, 2017

What tackle is on your wish list this holiday season?

As the holiday season draws upon us, we reflect on the year and how X Zone Lures has grown with many new products added to the product line.

Starting with the Original Classic Hand Pour Lures with both the Slammer and Swammer, the product line has grown substantially over the year including the new Pro Series Line.

X Zone Lures has a great NEW complete collection of Crappie and Panfish lures for those that are heading out for ice fishing.

While many northern anglers are getting ready to enjoy ice fishing, others simply take stock of inventory, clean their reels and organize their tackle for the next coming season.  With recent cold temperatures in the north, many are getting ready to head out for some ice fishing.  

Most anglers are familiar with the action that a 2" Swirl Tail Grub can provide either rigged tail up or tail down on a jig head.  Each variation of rigging will provide a different presentation to the fish.  Available in many colors, the grub is a soft plastic lure that is definitely something to be on your ice fishing wish list.  With many lures to chose from including tubes, ballers, shads, paddle tails and stingers all available in plenty of colors, X Zone Lures has a wide selection.  Our unique crappie and panfish lure is the Pan Slammer which is related to it's relative the Slammer but offers a smaller presentation with it's overall length at only 2". 

Whether you are getting ready for ice fishing or simply restocking your tackle box, take a look at X Zone Lures and include a series of these lures on your wish list for a great season of fishing. 

Be sure to check back often as we add new products to our line.X Zone Lures Pro Series  

From all of us at X Zone Lures, we wish you a safe and Happy Holiday season.

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's.