Ice fishing season with X Zone Lures

Posted Jan 11th, 2018

Ice fishing is upon us here in the north with some cold winds from the polar vortex that have our lakes and ponds frozen, so it's time to dress warm, grab your X Zone Lures and head out for a day on the hardwater.

X Zone Lures Pro Staff Chris Robinson has had great success on the early ice with X Zone Pro Series Tubes.

Heading out on to Lake Simcoe, Chris was able to find an area that is not overly well known and set up his tent and gear for a day of ice fishing.  

X Zone Lures have been known to be a go to bait for fishing for whitefish on Lake Simcoe but the newest edition of the Pro Series Crappie and Pan fish Tubes has allowed a new presentation to these fish.  With over 14 different colors to chose from, these 1.5" tubes are soft with salt impregnation and just the right size of meal for a hungry whitefish. 

Chris has shared with us his chosen colors that helped him land his 7.0lb whitefish and he rigged the X Zone Lures 1.5" Pumpkin Pepper on a matching jighead.  He produced little jerks about 1" off the bottom giving a slight movement to the tube.  By providing the jig motions, the whitefish was attracted and hammered the bait.

During ice fishing season, the appetite for most fish is suppressed and the thickness of the plastic can be a determining factor for finding the right fish.  Most anglers are taught that larger baits equals larger fish and during the winter months, that is not always the truth.

In fact, smaller is often better for panfish.  The smaller tubes are softer plastic and are easier for panfish to compress but for that larger whitefish or laker, it might just be the right size of meal that they are seeking.  The smaller tubes also have more movement through the tentacles and appear more natural than the larger baits.

If you are looking for that large trophy whitefish out on your body of hardwater, try the X Zone Lures Pro Series tubes.