Like it's big brother The Original Slammer, welcome to the X Zone Lures Pan Slammer

Posted Feb 1st, 2018

The Original Slammer has had it's success due to it's unique shape and features providing unmatched action.  With this same design in mind, came the birth of the X Zone Lure's Pan Slammer.

Many angler's are ice fishing in the Northern hemisphere and the X Zone Lure's Pan Slammers has been a proven lure on the ice.

This lure is a favorite of crappie and panfish and it has just the correct amount of action for both ice fishing or on open water once the season warms. 

The Pan Slammer can be rigged on a X Zone jig and providing some jigging motion will allow the Pan Slammer's tail to provide action that will soon attract the fish. 

The crappie and panfish are not particular on size and will generally eat anything that they can manage as long as it is not larger than their mouths.  The colors of the lures mimic certain creatures, that these fish prey on. 

If you are out ice fishing, be sure to change up your jigging motions to keep the fish interested.  You don't need to be technical to have a great day of panfishing but realize that if the bite is slow to change up the color of your bait and action.

The X Zone Pan Slammers are available in a 12 pack and are offered in 10 different colors.

Heading out on hard water or open water, be sure to pick up some X Zone Lures Pan Slammers

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's.