A review of X Zone Lure's Swammer by Wired2fish

Posted May 17th, 2018

A review of X Zone Lure's Swammer by Wired2fish

The waters are warming up and the fish are starting to get hungry.  Why not head out for a day of fishing with some X Zone Lure's Swammers?

X Zone Lures Swammers have a definite advantage over some of the other baits with the realistic action of a bait with it's paddle tail.  Our friends over at Wired2fish provide a quick review of this product line.

If you are early spring fishing, one great way to attract the bass is to rig an X Zone Lure Swammer on a football jig in order to get the lure on the bottom where they will most likely be found in cooler water.  As the season starts to warm, try rigging the X Zone Lures Swammer on an umbrella rig or weightless as the fish become more active.

The X Zone Swammer is one of our flagship products that quickly became a popular lure to use while catching large fish both freshwater and saltwater.  With the Original Hand Pour Lure, you are stepping back in time and getting that same product with a color combination that is sure to please the fish.  

The X Zone Pro Series Swammer, offers the same quality of the Original but with a twist.  Infused with our Exclusive X Zone Scent and Superfine Salt, this NEW X Zone Lures Swammer offers the fish a slightly different presentation.   You can rig it weightless and weedless over thick vegetation or cast under docks for BIG BASS and with hook sizes 4/0 – 6/0 for best hook up ratio.

Be sure to follow this link from  Wired2fish X Zone Lures Swammer Review to get a bit more detail on this great swimbait.

Written by Shelley Langley /Wired2fish Jason Sealock, the expresssions and opinions are that of the author's